Hawthplay Records Producer

Ron (Ronald Lashley)

(producer, Song writer, Flautist, Former NYC teacher, Organist)




Projects for Hawthplay  Records

Rearrangement of tracks on Christmas Album 'Christmas Jingles' (2014)

 Original composition from "Christmas Jingles"

  • Christmas Jingles

  • The bells are Ringing

  • Jing 


 Other works

 Lyrics and Music written and Produced

  • Chorus to single "Like a Big Boy"

  • Pineapple Sunset

  • Old Bossa Feeling

  • I Thought you knew

  • Old Bossa feeling

  • Show me the way

  • Me and you

  • Faces of Springtime

  • Get to know me

  • Make my dreams Come true.



 Music produced

  • Like a Big Boy - IGIT feat. Kendra Black

  • When will it happen -Scottie French

  • Show me the way

  • Kodak - Scottie French

  • Get to know me

  • Payup

  • Sand and the Beautiful