New Album by Ronald Lashley "Zero to 100" Available Now!

Hawthplay Records proudly presents Ronald Lashley’s latest Smooth Jazz masterpiece, Zero to 100! In these twelve amazing tracks, Ronald demonstrates his tremendous love of music through a masterful blend and fusion of genres and musical styles, including Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Afro-Brazilian and Caribbean influences. He keeps his listeners on their toes with his catchy rhythms and beats, his innovative and original programming and compositions, each one special and unique, and his smooth and animated idioms, riffs, and melodies.

Studio Engineer “Disco Twins,” Musicians Mamiko Watanabe, Carlos Mena, Charlie Rhyner, and TEEJ, along with Vocalist Neika Jewelle all add their unique talents and styles, further coloring and adding to the beauty of the music.

Unlike typical Smooth Jazz, Ronald’s music is not designed for easy-breezy listening. In fact, his songs, so energetic and captivating, really come at you with a style that should be better expressed as Hip-Hop Jazz, or “Hip Jazz.” The songs on Zero to 100, each so expressive and emotional, take listeners on an exciting and memorable journey.

Ronald jokes that Zero to 100 is his best album, and that he may not better this, but we all know that his music just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter! Let us welcome to the world Zero to 100! Enjoy!

Available for download on Apple Music and Amazon

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