Scottie French

Michael Scottie Keitt - aka Scottie French - Norwalk, CT


Scottie French, A  Southern Influenced Hip-Hop Rapper Originally From Atlanta, Georgia. Now residing In  Norwalk, CT, Is An Inspiring Musician, Actor, And Model. His Hip-Hop Collective "The Lost Society" Have Been Working Together for 3 Years Now Producing And Crafting Their Own Experimental Hip-Hop Music. Now, At The Age Of 19 Scottie Has Started Networking, With Multiple Connections Around The Tri-State Area To Further Pursue His Future Endeavors. Such As Clothing Company's Like Koma, GraciousMFG, Stay Buttah, New Age, & Trius Garments And Others.  Scottie Plans On Making His Dreams A Profession No Matter How Long The Journey Might Take. Currently Scottie French has recorded on a track by Hawthplay Records title "when will it happen"  which was released on June 25th 2015.

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Scottie French