Love Your Love 

Love Your Love (Single) - Ronald Lashley   

Lord, You Are - Neika Jewelle


Brooklyn Feeling - Ronald Lashley


Waiting Christmas Day - Neika Jewelle

My Wife- Krisendo



Infant Eyes


Traditional Jazz-

Mamiko Watanabe -Piano

Rob- Bass

Missing You (Case) - Cover Song by Ronald Lashley


Missing You (Case) - Cover Song by Ronald Lashley

Bruce Lee- Scottie Koto


More Time- Mighty Blunt


Mighty Blunt -More Time

Rock Wit U by Ashanti (Cover Song)


Rock wit U (Ashanti) Cover song By Ronald Lashley

Wanna Wanna- Chantal Alexander | Scottie Koto (Reggae, Hip Hop|Rap)


Chantal Alexander | Scottie Koto

Flutes of Praise - Ronald Lashley

Religious (Album)

Sand and the Beautiful - Mamiko Watanabe

Smooth Jazz (Single)

Pay Up- Mighty Blunt


Mighty Blunt

Get to Know Me- Cati James

Neo Soul/ RnB

Cati James

Make My Dreams Come True - Chantal Alexander

RnB/ Rap (Single)

Chantal Alexander 

Face of Springtime - Cati James

Jazz- Bossa Nova (Single)

Cati James 

Me and You- Chantal Alexander

Smooth Jazz (Single)

Chantal Alexander

Old Bossa Feeling- Samia Abboadalla

Bosaa Nova- Jazz (Single)


Kodak -Scottie French

Hip Hop/ Rap (Single)

Scottie French 

I Thought You Knew- Amy Sinha

Bossa Nova / Jazz (Single)

When Will It Happen- Scottie French

Hip hop/ Rap (Single)


Show Me The Way - Amy Sinha

Bossa Nova/ Jazz (Single)


Like A Big Boy- IGIT

RnB/ Hip Hop (Single)


Christmas Jingles (Album)- Ronald Lashley


Pineapple Sunset - Ronald Lashley

Jazz (Single)


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