Mamiko Watanabe

Mamiko Watanabe Pianist Mamiko on the keys


B.M.E. MEL Artist from DeeRich Entertainment holding the mic down for the community

Michael  Dennis

Mike Hawthorne Street Block Association President speaking at the show.

Ronald Lashley

Ronald Lashley Producer and co-Founder of Hawthplay Records speaking at the show.

LL1 Jazz Band

LL1 Jazz Band brought a whole new love to the people as they thrilled the on lookers.

Artist _Angel Ray

Angel Ray Took the mic and give us a lovely twist to the song Location- Bringing her own funk and flare to the street of Hawthorne

Rap Artist_ Ehennuhsen

Live performance Hawthplay Records Open Mic @ Hawthorne Street Block Party

Dj Troy Dinero Of Solid Vybz

Open Mic_ Music Showcase

Flyers for Open Mic and Music ShowCase at the Hawthorne Street Block Party 2018

Hawthorne Street Block Party


My Wife- Krisendo

Cover Art to Krisendo single - My Wife

Infant Eyes- Cover Art

Ronald Lashley rendition to Wayne Shorter song.

Brooklyn Unity Fest 2017

Scottie Koto, Ronald Lashley (producer), Dze Cloude

Brooklyn Unity Fest 2017

Dze Cloude & Scottie Koto

Brooklyn Unity Fest

live performance. Free Community Event

Wanna Wanna _Chantal Alexander

Official Album Cover

ROCK WIT U -Ronald Lashley

Official Art Cover- Ashanti- Rock Wit U- Cover Song

Scottie Koto_ Bruce Lee

Art Cover

Mighty Blunt _More Time

Art Cover

Mighty Blunt- Showcase

Mighty Blunt Performing at the Tristate IV League Artist showcase on Sept 18


Poster upcoming single Sand and the Beautiful release Sept 15

Pay Up Official Album Art

Pay Up Music Video Album Poster

Mamiko Official Cover

Mamiko Watanabe Official Art cover for upcoming Single -Sand and the Beautiful.

Flutes of Praise_ Roanld Lashley

Art cover for Ronald Lashley's upcoming Album- Flutes of Praise Volume 1

Cat Nation Theme Song Art Cover

Chantal Alexander rendition to Cat Nation Talk Show (Houston Texas) Art Cover

Cat Nation Talk Show

Guess appearance by Chantal Alexander

Chantal Alexander Poster

Appearance on Cat Nation

Cati James

Get to Know Me- Official Art cover

Chantal Alexander

Make my Dreams Come True coming in April

Cati James

New Single Faces of Springtime Out March 22.2016

Faces of Springtime

Cati James - Faces of Springtime (Poster)

Cati and marcella

Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio

1 of 2 Makeup and hair stations

Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio


Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio 2.22.16

Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio 2.22.16

Akemi and her glam squad

Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio Hair stylist: Ken @nishidakenichi Makeup artist: @Wataru_makeup

Noor and Makeup artist @work

Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio 2.22.16 Makeup artist- @Makeup_by_ Aisha


Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio


Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio 2.22.16

Cati James

On set Behind the scene (Artists 2016 treasure shoot) @forgotten Work Studio New single cover ( Faces of Springtime)

Ronald Lashley 2016 Interview

Ronald Lashley Co- Founder and Producer of Hawthplay Records sits down with host Neville Bush of 96.7 wild FM and discusses the label, the artists, the music and much more.

Scottie French Performance 10262015

Hip hop SeaZon Showcase #17

Chantal Alexander Cover Art

Me and You

I thought you knew - Cover Art

Track from Amy's album- Bossa Girl

Scottie French Cover Art

Kodak Photo by Kyle Kaplan Models Keke and Ermine

Samia Abboadalla Cover Art

Old Bossa Feeling

Mamiko Watanabe -Pianist

Cati James @Rehearsal OA

Practicing for upcoming Neosoul and Jazz Singles

Beautiful turn out

Kings County Saloon (0.18.2015) Sellassie Rap Contest

Scottie French (9.18.2015)

Performance @Sellassie Rap Contest

Scottie French doing what he love

@Sellassie Rap Contest (09.18.2015)

Scottie French Performance

Sellassie Rap Contest (9.18.2015)

Miss Ermine @ rehearsal @ OA

Ermine and Ronald

Photoup @ the OA- Rehearsal Day

Our own to be featured @Rap Contest

Scottie French and Koolkiid IGIT to be featured at Rap Contest Friday September 18 2015 Brooklyn New York.

Akemi Yamada Performance

Dreamy Jazz Super Trio (8-24-2015)

MFG Pop-up shop

Performance by Scottie French

Trius Garment Event (Norwalk CT)

Scottie French and Ronald Lashley

Trius Garment Event

Performance by Scottie French Norwalk Connecticut

Assassin and Ronald Lashley

On Assassin (Jamaican Reggae Artist) Video set

42 street (the guys on set)

When will it happen - video shoot- Second take Kahreh (Alfred Daugherty), Ronald Lashley, Scottie French, Tyler whisiker, Kyle Kaplan

Ronald and Scottie French

When will it happen- Scottie French

fourth of july.jpg

Kids @ PS 61 rehearsing

Ps 61

Ps 61

Scottie French

Video shoot

Amy recording.jpg

Pop affair with Scottie French

Amy Sinha (Bossa Girl Album Cover)

scottie french.jpg

Akemi at rehearsal.jpg

Akemi and Ronald rehearsal

Cati James in studio recording

Tiago in Studio recording

Cati rehearsal

Samia in Brazil Recording

Old Bossa Feeling

Marcella in the studio

Samia in studio

Ronald in Studio Recording

Flutes of Praise

Tiago and Marcella in studio

"Do a thing Like this"- Bossa Nova Single

Chantal Alexander in Studio

Koolkiid IGIT

IGIT New Single

Akemi Rehearsing

Ermine @ Rehearsal


@ Rehearsal for like a Big Boy Single

Amy in the studio (Recording)

2014 @ Rhondda Street Studios


Ronald Lashley -New Single

Pineapple Sunset


The announcemnet Gathering

Hawthplay Records as an official/ licensed/ Registered label of New York State

Ronald Lashley Christmas Album


Hawthplay Studio