Chantal Alexander

Houston Texas


A very versatile lead Soprano singer. Chantal  wrote all the lyrics for the band Spring's New Passion. Chantal was also the leader of an electronic band called Cute Scenarios. Backup singer for soul singer the Pantheress, R& B ballad singer Joy Norwood and currently Gospel singer Tycin Williams and The Gary Michael Dahl band. She also did  a demo for gospel song writer Leroy Pickett. Chantal a versatile vocalist and can sing in several different styles from Rock and roll to blues to R& B and opera. Currently, Chantal will be featured on a Bossa Nova Single "Me and You" and R&B single "If You Can Make My Dreams Come True" featuring Scottie French aka Scottie Koto -Hawthplay Records Production.


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Wanna Wanna- Chantal Alexander | Scottie Koto

Reggae , Hip Hop, Rap

Cat Nation TV Talk Show Theme Song

On Saturday June 18th 2016.  Host Colin A Thompson launched Chantal's new rendition to the talk show  'Cat Nation Theme Song Version One' 

This jingle is a R&B track with a pop flare and Caribbean fusion and has created a great dynamic audio image for the Cat Nation Talk Show. 

The music and lyrics which were written and produced by Ronald Lashley aka Ron da'producer at Hawthplay Records Studios Brooklyn New York, Chantal's vocals recorded in Houston Texas at the Vault Recording Studios with producer and engineer David Williams, while the track was mixed by producer and engineer Tex here in Brooklyn New York.

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Chantal Alexander feat. Scottie French

Chantal Alexander featuring  Mamiko  Watanabe on piano


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