Discovery Tour/ Search Campaign

The Tour involves the search for


  • Vocalists

  • Rappers and Poets

  • Song writers

  • Instrumentalists

  • Makeup Artists

  • Models

  • Dancers

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Dance Choreographers

  • Interns


This tour involves online submissions and live visits to some of the following locations Colleges, Universities and High Schools. Specific schools and location will be listed as they are confirmed. Interested persons will be given an audition. Successful submissions will be subcontracted by Hawthplay records to collaborate on Hawthplay's projects and events. Vocalists and Instrumentalists will be given an opportunity to record under the label.

Requirements for Submission

  • Resume or Press Kits

Vocalists and Instrumentalists Requirements for submission

  • Photographs

  • Resume or Press Kit

  • Music or video Sample

Note: Music can be sent as Mp3 format or wav. files 



           All Submissions should be Email to: